Valitut rajaukset: International Business Poista rajaukset
The course consists of lectures, exercises and the planning and execution of a customer related r&d project for a company or organization. Contents of the lectures: - Introduction: What is customer intelligence, What is academic research - Collecting and analyzing data in a reliable way - Introduction of qualitative methods - Introduction of quantitative methods - R&D process - Project Management principles Research and Development Project: Student teams find themselves a customer organization with an information and development need, execute data collection and analysis and give development suggestions based on their analysis. The outcomes will be presented in a public seminar, which is planned and managed by the students themselves. There will be two implementations of the course, one in the autumn semester and another in the spring.
Contact classes are mandatory and held once a week during periods 1 and 2. Students are required to attend a minimum of 80% of the total of the contact class sessions to be eligible for a final grade. Students are also required to attend own weekly group sessions on free-selected time.