Valitut rajaukset: Liiketalous ja media Poista rajaukset
The course consists of lectures, exercises and the planning and execution of a customer related r&d project for a company or organization. Research and Development Project: Student teams find themselves a customer organization with an information and development need, execute data collection and analysis and give development suggestions based on their analysis. The outcomes will be presented in a public seminar, which is planned and managed by the students themselves. Teachers will provide coaching for the project teams. There will be two implementations of the course, one in the autumn semester and another in the spring.
Evaluation Scale Grading criteria rubrics will be based on the principles of authentic learning and assessment and use the SOLO framework – “Structural Observation of Learning Outcomes” (Biggs and Collis, 1982, Biggs 1999). This will be discussed with students during the course. Evaluation scale 0-5